Unique Vessel Records: 285, 273
Vessel History Records: 319, 744

Adding photographs, making a view minor changes to presentation of data and continuing to add history records.


Unique Vessel Records: 255, 493
Vessel History Records: 261, 339

Currently adding European inland vessels & vessel history records


Unique Vessel Records: 236, 810
Vessel History Records: 237, 693

Currently adding vessels without IMO's (1950 - 2019).

Building the Database

We are now in the process of building the database records prior to going live (aiming for mid-July 2019). Vessel detail records are currently being uploaded along with some of the first photographs from our collection.

Vessel detail records house the majority of the information on a ship that we have; these records show the ships first name (as launched), subsequent changes of name are held in our ship history files that will be uploaded once the current ship details file has been uploaded.